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  • About me

    We travel for happyness

    I am Eliana and I am Venetian. Art and History have always been my passion. As a small child I started to express myself by painting and drawing what I saw. Now as a Tourist Guide those colours have become my voice as I describe the beauty that surrounds me, which is part of my life, and which I'm proud to share with my guests. Every journey starts as a discovery of ourselves, this is also the spirit that drove the first anthropologists to leave their desks in search of the exotic. This is the innermost purpose of every traveller, searching for the answer to the eternal question: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? (P. Gauguin, 1897).

  • Your VeniceAdventures


    SUP in Venice

    for expert paddlers

    90 minutes Stand Up Paddling in the lovely quiet canals of Venice leaded by a local guide. Over 14 years old only.

    € 50,00 per person for your group of 4 paddlers

    € 60,00 per person for your group of 3 paddlers

    € 70,00 per person for your group of 2 paddlers

    € 90,00 per 1 paddler for an individual tour

    check availability here

    Beginners SUP in Venice

    for beginners and first time paddlers

    90 minutes for your SUP adventure in Venice. On the first part of the tour our SUP instructor will give you all the basics to paddle safe in the canals. The second part of the activity is dedicated to a short tour in the most quiet canal.

    Over 14 years old only.

    € 70,00 per person for your group of 2 paddlers

    € 90,00 per 1 paddler for an individual tour

    check availability here

    Bacaro SUP in Venice

    for expert paddlers

    90 minutes for this amazing tour in the quiet canals of Venice leaded by a local guide. On our way we will stop at the bacaro to have a drink and a cicchetto, the typical Venetian aperitive.

    Over 14 years old only.

    € 55,00 per person for your group of 4 paddlers

    € 65,00 per person for your group of 3 paddlers

    € 75,00 per person for your group of 2 paddlers

    € 95,00 per 1 paddler for an individual tour

    check availability here

    Tailored SUP tours

    Big groups of more than 4 people, up to 8 people

    Please contact us at supinvenice@gmail.com to arrange your tailored tour.


    2 hours walking tour in the land of the great painter of the Venetian renaissance to discover Cannaregio, one of the most lovely and quiet place in Venice. Starting from the train station we will walk through Campi and Calli to discover history and traditions that make Venice a unique place in the world: stunning architectures, legendary statues, glass beads, old boats, the ancient Jewish Ghetto, the typical venetian aperitif and… also a mummy!

    Monday to Saturday, meeting point in front of Santa Lucia train station at 10am.

    Please contact me at eliana.argine@gmail.com to book for this tour.

  • How to Book

    Easy & fast



    Follow the link to our Calendar, and pick your tour.


    Choose Provider

    Check availability from both our SUP guides Calendars to find the spot that suits your timetable best.


    Pay to confirm

    Enter your info and pay with credit card for a small deposit of 30€. Check your email for confirmation.

  • MAP

    Google us! SUP in Venice is on google map

  • FAQS

    Meeting point

    Please see how to get here following the map you find in the MAP box of this webstite. You will not see any flag or name outside our door because it looks like a private house from outside. It is not a shop, therefore you will find the door open for you at the arranged time only.

    Personal belongings

    At our spot there is room to lock our belongings and toilettes.

    Dressing Code

    No bare chest or swim suits in all Venice. You'll be ok in your t-shirt and shorts in summertime. In Autumn and Springtime it can be quite chilly, therefore you might need your booties, long trousers, wind jacket. Bring a towel and a change just in case.

    Number of participants

    The tour hosts maximum 4 people in the group. Boards, leash and paddles are included. These are private sessions, in order to give you the best service we do not add other participants to your tour. Please contact us if your group is bigger. We will provide tailor made excursions according to your needs.

    The route

    The route of the SUP tour is decided time by time by the Instructor/SUP guide. It depends on the level of the participants, on the conditions of the weather, the level of the tide, on the conditions of the traffic.

    How long

    90 minutes of activity that includes a short briefing before leaving.


    Please book in advance in order to reserve your SUP in Venice experience, the sooner the better.


    Boards, leash and paddles are included. We provide 11' all round very stable school boards, soft top for the most comfortable touring. You are not allowed to use your private boards in the city by law.

    Weather conditions

    Tours are subject to weather conditions, such as rain or strong winds. Please be available by telephone or e-mail once you are in Venice in case we need to get in touch.

    First time paddlers

    As swimming is totally forbidden in the canals, we are not allowed to jump in the water. You don't need to be a pro, just be confident with the basic SUP techniques: you need to stop the board at the crossings or junctions also in the current and you need to know how to veer 90° sharp (no surfing stance, paddle back turn is what you need to know) if you are first time on a SUP please ask for our SUP Beginners tour.


    You need to be expert paddler and your dog has to be trained to stay on board without jumping into the water at all.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Cancellation policy:

    Cancellations received greater than 48 hours prior to tour commencement are refundable.
    Cancellations received within 48 hours of tour commencement are nonrefundable.
    Late arrivals and no shows are nonrefundable.

    Transaction and service fees are not refundable:  

    - 1,4% + € 0,25 for Euro zone;
    - 2,9% + € 0,25 for other Countries.
    Refunds usually take 5 to 10 business days to appear on your statement.
    If the guide states the conditions of the weather are not safe you will be refunded. As an alternative you can arrange a new date/timetable with the guide.
    The refund will be done on line only, no cash.

    In order to confirm your booking you will pay a small deposit of 30€. The balance is to be payed cash the day of the tour.

    Choosing a tour:

    When choosing a tour you need to pick the correct number of people of your party.

    Late arrivals: miss part of the tour.

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    • la corrispondenza e rintracciabilità dei soci e volontari e la convocazione alle assemblee
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    I trattamenti saranno svolti e i dati conservati da incaricati autorizzati, in forma cartacea e informatica.

    I dati non saranno comunicati a terzi né saranno diffusi.

    L’indicazione del nome, data di nascita, indirizzo, telefono e mail è necessaria per la gestione del rapporto associativo e per l’adempimento degli obblighi di legge. Il conferimento degli altri dati è facoltativo.

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    Diritti dell’interessato. Nella qualità di interessato, Ti sono garantiti tutti i diritti specificati all’art. 15 GDPR, tra cui il diritto all’accesso, rettifica, cancellazione, limitazione e opposizione al trattamento dei dati, di revocare il consenso (ove prestato) al trattamento (senza pregiudizio per la liceità del trattamento basata sul consenso acquisito prima della revoca), di proporre reclamo al Garante per la Protezione dei dati personali. L’esercizio dei diritti può essere esercitato mediante comunicazione scritta da inviare alla mail surf.venezia@gmail.com o mediante lettera raccomandata a/r presso la sede dell’Associazione. Titolare del trattamento è l’associazione sportiva dilettantistica “Surf Club Venezia”, con sede legale a S. Croce 468/b 30135 Venezia, mail surf.venezia@gmail.com.